A few things I'm enjoying currently. 

If you haven't listened to Tim Ferriss' podcast, or checked out his newsletter, I can recommend a look. I don't like all of his stuff (definitely some 'woo' in there), but his Friday newsletter is good. He posts a few things he's enjoying every Friday - from tech gadgets, to music, to books and quotes. This is my early 2017 version.

 Best Gadget: Stryd footpod - www.stryd.com - running with Power - basing my interval sessions on wattage rather than HR or RPE seems to help me keep the intensity dialed in a bit better.

Books: Listening to "The Mindful Athlete" by Mumford and Jackson. Not my usual genre, but interesting, and despite being a bit 'touchy feely' the discussion of 'Flow' state is good. I'm also listening to "Bowerman and the Men of Oregon" on Audible, and it's a great long listen if you're into that sort of thing. For fiction, I'm just getting into "End of Watch" by Stephen King - the final part of the Mr Mercedes trilogy. Narrated by Will Patton on audible, this trilogy is a classic. 

Podcast: Liking "The Forward"; this is Lance Armstrong's podcast. Good guests, and I like his interview style - didn't think I'd like it, but it's entertaining. I liked the recent Malcolm Gladwell episode a lot - lots of football talk. The Michael Morton episode is absolutely riveting.

Apps: Workflow on iOS. A great way to automate a few multi-step tasks. If I see a tweet linking to an article I wan't to read later, a quick tap will send the link into Omnifocus (the mother of all task managers); I can convert any article, webpage, or photo into a PDF document and save to Dropbox, creating a link that is saved to the clipboard. I can immediately post to IG the last pic taken. These are just a few examples of time saving workflows. The app is $3.99 on the App Store I think.

Gear: I have some Compressport tights (full length and 3/4 ) on order - they look great - review later. Other than that, the Salomon Agile 250 belt is a snug little belt, big enough to hold the monstrous iPhone 7+, and a thin jacket/gloves.  I'm using it for most <2 hr runs, when the weather looks stable.