Change of plan!

After a night of torrential rain, we came to the conclusion that we had seen what we wanted to see in Napili and its environs. My wife just happens to be Miss Hotwire 2015, so after some lightning fast keyboard action we were headed to Wailea and the Makena Beach and Golf resort.

It's not the Fairmont Wailea but it's not too far off. Valet parking, fluffy white towels, air conditioned lobby, poolside bar and prices to match, one had to wonder at this stage of the trip whether we were worthy.

We spent the morning getting annihilated (again) in the monstrously fun shore break at Big Beach, without so much as a broken neck or dislocated shoulder. Seasoned pros we have become.

Our prowess in the waves however was not matched with out 4 star schwankiness, and the state of our attire as we pulled up to our new upmarket digs was altogether embarrassing.

Albert managed to find a clean (kind of) shirt to cover his now slightly off-white/pinkish torso, but George was content with a pair of soaking wet salty undies (sans beach shorts - they were lost in the surf), and Saira's scare-crow hair-do was reaching new levels of Maui-chic as we emerged from the sand pit that our rental car had become.

I struggled to find a soggy dollar in my pockets which seemed to contain a tenth of Makena beach to tip the bell boy. It was a big relief to get out of the lobby, with our sandy snorkels, boogie boards and flippers. No doubt, housekeeping was called soon after we entered our room, to vacuum up the trail of sand we had left.

One thing we do well, though, is to scrub up! So after showers and a search in-vain for something presentable to wear, we emerged looking almost respectable. Fortunately the lobby lights were dim as our car was delivered to the hotel entrance.

Dinner was great. We ate at a small bistro, the name of which escapes me, in Wailea. We met up with the Bernard Dockers (minus Thomas and Jacob - who had returned to Canada already). The food and service were excellent and just the ticket after a hard day of beaching. It's amazing how tiring it is doing not much of anything.

On the walk home the boys were delighted to see multiple large cockroaches scuttling across the sidewalks; me, less so. I did entertain them with my 'biggest cockroach you've ever seen in my hotel room in Katmandu back in 1992' story, which no doubt they've heard before, but it's a good one. They walked behind so I didn't see the eye-rolling.