Airport Marguerita

Airport Marguerita

Day 1

Today we are headed to Maui. It's our first trip to the Hawaiian Islands, and like the typical start to most Reed trips overseas, it is a complete shit show of a start.


  • We have been so busy this last couple of weeks - work, last week of school, field trips, kids golf....
  • We have been looking after 2 extra dogs this week - that makes 4, for those keeping count. A handful.
  • Saira, the glue that holds us all together, along with working a fulltime job, has, this week:
    • Organised a soccer tournament for 50 teams last weekend
    • Has organised a BBQ for 500
    • Has had a High School Football board meeting
    • Has had a Canmore Minor Soccer Board meeting
    • Organised a house showing, the morning we leave for the airport, meaning the house needs to be spotless - we are trying to downsize and simplify life, hence the house is for sale.

Albert, in true form, decided not to pack anything until the morning we leave, as the rest of us dash around madly, organising flippers, board shorts, whilst vacuuming, cleaning toilets, and scrubbing soda stream gu from the counter tops.

I decided beers with the guys would be a good plan last night. Saira and I got to bed at 1:30 am - not our usual bedtime. And George, barely beat us. A true teenager, though at least he got packed last night.

Still we got it done!

And so here we sit, at 2pm in Calgary airport. The first Marguerita sliding down nicely.

Life is good! Holiday on! Maui here we come