A Few Tools that have made Running more than Just Running for me in 2015

Much as I like the simplicity of trail running, I have a few prized items that, for me, have made the experience all the more rich. Whilst this may to go against the grain for some, I think there is no doubt that we are involved in a stunningly beautiful sport, and I for one, am inspired by the pictures, the blogs and short videos I view on the internet.

Here are a few items, that allow me to make the most of my trail runs, and to hopefully allow others to enjoy where I run.

iPhone 6+

It's a big phone, no doubt, but the camera is great, and the best camera is the one that's with you. It takes barely 30 seconds to stop and grab a great pic for instagram, or a short video. It fits perfectly in the waist band pocket of my shorts (Salomon S-Lab shorts) and doesn't bounce when I run. I use the Enlight app to add filters, adjust the exposure etc. All done on the phone.

The Moment Lens

My wife bought me the Moment Lens after seeing this great little Kickstarter project on line. I have the Moment Tele lens, but the Wide Angle lens is on order, along with their new Kickstarter funded Moment Case. The quality is top notch, as is the quality of photo it helps deliver. I just hope with the new case, it will still fit in my pockets!

Beats BT headphones

I actually found these lost on the trail earlier this year. After no one claimed them on the Bow Valley Lost & Found web page, I claimed them for my own. Great quality sound and excellent battery life, along with the secure fit around my ears, make these the ideal trail running headphone. The lack of cords makes life a lot easier when dealing with packs and water bottles etc. I tend to use my headphones mostly when I'm running on roads. In the woods, or on secluded trail I pop them out and listen for wildlife!

What do I listen to when I run?

  • Audible - favourite book so far this year - "The Martian" by Andy Weir - I'm happy to take your suggestions!
  • Spotify - my running playlist grows daily.
  • Nerdy podcasts - Accidental Tech Podcast and This Week in Tech are my go to podcasts right now.

The Apple Watch

Yeah, yeah, I know. But I have to say this thing has grown on me. The fitness tracker in particular is a fun way to watch my daily activity and there are some great applications.

My Most useful app? Drafts is a quick note taking app. If I'm out on a run and I suddenly have a thought - it does occasionally happen - that I want to capture - I tap at my wrist and dictate a few words into the watch. It syncs automatically with my phone. It's amazing how many seemingly profound things enter my head when I'm running - the idea for this blog post for example!

And if I receive a text or a phone call that's important, I can reply quickly or take that call, without breaking a stride. It can also act as a shutter release for the iPhone for self-timer shots and selfies from afar!

I also wear a Suunto Ambit peak GPS watch on my other wrist to log mileage, altitude, HR etc! Fortunately the Apple watch is so light I barely notice it's on.


Well I don't have this yet - but as you have seen, I like the tech side of things. I guess I am a numbers guy - I log my daily mileage, morning HRVs, sleep patterns and diet quality. I backed this Kickstarter project last year and they are in the final stages of production. It's a small gizmo that attaches to the back of your shorts, and promises to measure running power output. Should be here in the early fall! Check it out here.

That's about all for now. Feel free to send me any Audiobook ideas, Podcasts you love, or other tech kit that enhances your run.

Using the apple Watch to trigger my phone shutter. The dogs look on in despair.... 

Using the apple Watch to trigger my phone shutter. The dogs look on in despair....