Think of it as the Canmore Quad minus Grotto. Any time you can skip Grotto mountain it's a bonus in my opinion! Despite being an epic day out, it seemed considerably easier than the quad. At around 40km and a touch over 11,000ft of climbing, it's still a day not to be underestimated, however. We moved quickly and efficiently yesterday. Minimal hassle and little gear. We power hiked the steep climbs, and ran the flats and descents at a good clip. It never fails to amaze me how much terrain can be covered when you're travelling lightweight on foot, with minimal equipment.

I used a Salomon Ultra vest, and Sense Ultra 4 shoes. I carried a single lightweight S-Lab windproof. Calories were lacking! I ate 3 gels ( for a grand total of 280 calories) and took 2 Vespa UCs (19 calories, 9g CHO each); half a bottle of Generation Ucan superstarch and about 3 litres of water left me a little on the dry side.

Devin Featherstone was along for the first two summits, and Adam Campbell was there for all three, setting a decent pace up front. Something to chase.

We tagged Lady Mac summit first - always fun, dancing along the airy ridge to the true summit. Then across town and up Ha Ling, via the rarely scrambled front bowl. It was a good route choice as Ha Ling back side was as busy with hikers as I've ever seen. Apologies to those we startled on our blast down to EEOR. Then quickly up EEOR, hands on knees, for the final summit. A quick romp down the Gap saw us back at our starting point in 6 hours 43mins.  For an impromptu day in the mountains I'll take it!

Here's a link to the Strava page, and my Movescount data is here.