I have finalised, at long last, and after much deliberation, my 2015 race calendar. The logistics of work, family life, holidays, and the need to get into qualifying races for WS100 and HR100, did make this quite the challenge! I was zero for three on the lotteries I entered this year, despite really quite excellent odds in both Wasatch and Western. Hardrock, of course, was a longshot. It is becoming, with the popularity of the sport, quite the process to qualify for the bigger races. The lottery system seems on the face of it seems a fair solution, and I don't claim to have a better solution, but the number of people applying for these lottos and the dwindling list of qualifying races is making the whole thing a challenge! With any luck I can knock off some of these races while I'm still able to run them!

So here goes, and I think it looks like a challenging and fun schedule.

May 16 Zion Traverse with Adam Campbell - 48 miles - NOT an FKT attempt!! Good write up here

May 30 - Blackfoot Ultra 100km - still on the wait list but expect to get in

June 27 - July 13 - Maui, Hawaii - will get some altitude and miles in. First trip here, cannot wait!

August 1 - Elkhorn 50 mile - Montana

August 22-23 - Blackspur Ultra 100km - Kimberley, BC

Sept 18 - Run Rabbit Run 100 mile - Steamboat Springs, Colorado