So does fat make you fat? Well it seems that as long as you keep the CHO consumption down, it doesn't. Keeping the carbs low encourages fatty acid oxidation for fuel. So the fat we eat becomes our primary  fuel source.  In terms of weight, I am as low as I've ever been, and though I don't have data to back this up, my body fat % is certainly as low as it's been. Maybe a DXA scan is in my future.

Does a high dietary fat consumption worsen our lipid profile? Well here are my values within graphs charting the trend as I have become increasingly low carb and fat adapted.  I've only done 3 panels over the last 5 years, but I think the trends are fairly evident.


My HDL is as high as I've seen it, and my triglycerides are off off the bottom of our lab's normal range. 


The chart above is my HDL trend.  


This is my Total Cholesterol HDL ratio. This is largely driven by the rise in HDL as my total cholesterol hasn't changed much. 


The final graph below is of my LDL. It was low to start with, but has climbed marginally. This is well recognized in HFLC diets but fortunately most of the increase is of the non atherogenic larger LDL molecules (our lab doesn't give us the LDL breakdown).


Overall, pretty pleased with these results. 

Does anything else explain this trend? I don't think so as my training has been quite consistent for the last number of years. Year over year my volume is fairly static. The only thing that really explains these changes is the adaptation of a low carb, high fat diet.