Written by my wife.


My name is Saira Reed, and I am a 42 year old tough British girl with a soft Canadian heart. I am a mother to 2 boys, Albert, age 11 & George, age 14; I am a wife of 18 years to an ultra-running Sports Medicine Doc. I am a  part-time administrator. We have lived in Canmore, Alberta for 11 years with our 2 mutt dogs, Bungle and Dudley.

I am also a runner and this is why I run.....


I run to be with family.

I ran with my Dad as a little girl and still run with him now in his 70's.

I run with my family, from pushing the boys in strollers, pulling them with a rope on training wheels, running while they mountain biked to now trying to keep up with teenage boys and learning to run at the back of the family pack.

I run on dates with my husband, I run to pace him in races and run alongside to support and crew.

Running has taken our family to new places, from the Canary Islands this year to all over North America. We see sights we would never have seen and been to places we would never think to visit without the driving force of that next race. 


I run for the peace and quiet and time to think. 

I run for the social chatter amongst friends.

I run for the challenge of a steep uphill and the enjoyment that comes with turning around and flying down the trail.

I run for the amazing scenery on a bluebird day in the mountains and for the head-down stare at the ground experience of a minus thirty snow storm.


I run in rain and mud which reminds me of Britain and the snow and clear skies of Canada.

I run when it is hard which makes me strong both mentally and physically.


I run when it is easy and I can whoop with joy.

I run when I only have 30 mins before life gets in the way and sometimes for hours on new adventures.

I run for my dogs, because they love to run.......

This is why I run.